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My journey began in a small town faced with challenges and adversity. I faced many forms of abuse by individuals that only brought pain, at the time, only leaving scars rather than smiles. Despite what happened to me as a child, my life has transformed in the most extraordinary way through the years. I possessed two remarkable gifts: an innate passion for dance and a deep connection to spiritual practices.​

Finding Healing on the Dance Floor

Somatic Coach

My narrative is a blend of triumphs and trials. To begin, I want to convey my profound appreciation for my mother. Often, when we observe people from a distance, we hastily form judgments without understanding their unique journeys and the obstacles they confront. My mother embodies incredible strength and resilience, significantly influencing the person I've become. Mom, I'm deeply grateful for your sacrifices, your unwavering determination to overcome adversity, and for teaching me the essence of forgiveness and endurance in the face of some of life's most daunting challenges.

Throughout my childhood, until the age of 12, I experienced sexual, physical, emotional, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), being used for child pornography, and spiritual abuse. Those whom our family relied on and expected to provide support ended up bringing SRA abuse into our lives. This abuse involves physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual abuse. 

Healing from spiritual abuse has proven to be an exceptionally arduous journey. Our inherent connection to a higher power is an intrinsic aspect of our identity from birth. When someone attempts to forcibly sever that connection and manipulate it for their own ends, it generates profound internal turmoil. It leaves you grappling with the blurred lines between reality and illusion, fostering feelings of existential uncertainty and a pervasive sense of not fitting into the world or knowing where you truly belong.


In my thirties, as I delved into my healing journey, I realized that I had already begun healing years earlier through dance. I discovered dance was a gateway to release my suppressed energy. Through movement, I found my voice, reconnected with my essence, and unlocked the joy that had long been buried. My soul began breaking down and releasing old patterns.


I learned how to reconnect with myself by connecting with another individual. I got to speak to another human through their language blended with mine. Because West Coast Swing is full of musicality, I could connect fully to myself and my partner through being present with my partner and the music. This was a discovery of joy!

Little Shalay

Stepping onto the dance floor became a space where I could shed my pain step by step and gradually rediscover my inner strength. With each spin, dip, and moment of shared rhythm, I felt myself healing bit by bit. On the dance floor, I found peace.


Despite experiencing rejection and loneliness, I found solace in dance, a gift that guided me both on and off the dance floor. Our individual journeys are unique and shaped by our life experiences, yet we all carry something valuable to contribute to the world. Mutual support is essential; we are here to UPLIFT and assist one another.


My journey toward self-acceptance and belief has been gradual, but I now recognize my inherent sense of belonging and purpose. I cherish all of the souls I’ve crossed paths with, no matter how fleeting, as I believe our encounters are divinely purposeful.

I look forward to connecting with each of you as you take the first step in your personal healing journey.

Your Friend,


Transforming Trauma Through Mindful Movement

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