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Meet Shalay

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Shalay grew up in Arizona, where she cherished the profound emotional impact of music and dance and used it as a refuge. Shalay's passion for dance throughout high school led her to the local country dance scene, where she discovered a deep connection through partner dancing.

Her journey took a significant turn in 1997 when Shalay joined a country dance team at Utah Valley University, leading her to her first encounter with West Coast Swing at a UCWDC event. Enthralled by the dance form, she watched in awe as professionals demonstrated their skills. The year 1999 marked a pivotal moment when she attended her first WSDC event and witnessed a captivating performance by Jessica Cox (McCurdy) and Jordan Frisbee, sealing her love for West Coast Swing.

In 1999, Shalay embarked on another adventure—marriage and motherhood. Despite her family responsibilities, she remained dedicated to her passion, engaging in social dancing on weekends and attending dance conventions to continue her training.

Shalay now calls Utah County home, where she has discovered her true calling as a West Coast Swing instructor and somatic and intimacy coach. Her ability to positively impact others through dance has become a driving force in her life. Continually seeking growth, she travels and trains with renowned professionals to refine her teaching skills and empower others to enrich their dance and life experiences.

In 2014, after more than a decade as a Dance Coach and Event Director, Shalay pursued higher education, earning her Bachelor's degree and later, in 2023, completing an executive MBA. She remains actively involved in teaching dance/movement and consults a non-profit supporting individuals affected by leprosy in India.

Shalay's dedication to motherhood and her mission to help others heal their nervous systems and discover joy in life are the cornerstones of her remarkable journey.


  • MBA, Executive Program; Brigham Young University 2023

  • West Coast Swing Dance Instructor since 2003

  • Global Professional Dance Instructor (GPDIA) - 2016

  • Promethean Spark International Life Coach through the Arts - 2016

  • West Coast Swing 101 Certified - 2015

  • Neo Tantra Certified Coach - In The Works

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